Im Kim, Your Local Custom Retreat Coordinator

I help busy women create easy wellness custom retreats so they can do self-care better, deeply connect with other women, and take home tangible "ah-ha" discoveries.

I'll plan it. You just show up!

My Vision

I'm passionate about helping busy women recognize the power of self-care. When we slow down, we gain clarity.

Take a breath in. Take a breath out. You are worth the delicious pause at the end of every breath. You really are. My unique custom retreats will give you the gift of time and transformational space so you can creatively think, wake up motivated, be present in nature, take a rejuvenating nap, broaden your mental bandwidth, be curious, and take inspired action. When you are empowered, you flow at your highest frequency. You are definitely worth the time you set aside for this transformative and powerful next step in your life.

More About Me

A lifelong learner, small business founder, girl-mom, proud law enforcement wife, nature lover, friend, sister, and daughter. I deeply believe in self-development and growth. It is my hope to lift other women up in the name of empowerment as they have lifted me up.

This photo is of my Bonus Mom, Theresa and sister, Elisa at the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. As a family we hiked the fantastically long trail and made it up the cables to the summit. I'll never forget that empowered feeling. Every woman has the right to feel that awesome feeling after doing something that feels hard to her. My mom, sister, and I shared that feeling during this photo. I'll cherish it always.


Take a look!

"I encourage every woman to take a break for themselves..."

"It was challenging to come to a retreat with my social anxiety, but I was met with a super relaxed group of people who shared the same fears and obstacles as me. The other ladies made me feel inspired and accepted. I needed that experience to grow. I returned home with a healthier and happier mindset. I encourage every woman to take a break for themselves once in a while".

-Aniko M. | Fall In Love With You Retreat

CUSTOM RETREAT: what to expect

01. Grab a Coffee, Lets Chat

I'll send you the retreat brochure.

Browse the pre-made retreats to see what interests you the most.

Let's discuss any ideas you may have for your retreat. *Think relaxation, fun and adventure!

02. Commit to Your Self-Care

When you know this is the self-care you've been needing, sign the paperwork, put down a deposit to save your spot.

We invite your friends, co-workers, employees, etc.

You pick a date, book your lodging, and I'll line up any vendors.

I'll create your itinerary and the rest of your retreat.

We meet up via video chat to discuss any changes so we can stay connected and on track.

03. Bravo! It's Retreat Time

You did it! Your custom retreat is ready to start.

You can focus on packing your bag and enjoying your thoughtfully created retreat while making memories with the people you appreciate.

Click on the Contact Us button below to fill out your information and I'll send you the retreat brochure.

The camping experience is still unmatched for me. Everyone melted together in conversation and kindness. The food was amazing. All the details for activities were well planned out. I appreciated how more experienced people helped rookies like me on the hike. I was encouraged and felt safe.

- Renee M. | Kennedy Meadows Camping Retreat

Interested in the ultimate self-care retreat?

The Busy Woman's Empowerment Retreat

Coming Fall 2024


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